We’re really into small furries!

That’s why we make the finest nutritionally balanced foods to promote the wellbeing of small animals – but it doesn’t stop there…

We were first to recognize the need for, and then produce, species-specific foods for our small furry friends.

Every small furry has its own very special dietary requirements, and we work with veterinary and nutritional experts to formulate our products to meet the unique needs of each species.

That means we provide pet owners like you with a unique range of diets for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice and ferrets.

Going to Global Pet Expo? Get your supremely cuddly bunny at booth 1073!

If there is one thing that Supreme Petfoods believes in, it is producing the very finest quality, innovative products that support the wellbeing of small pets. And we love bunnies so much, we’re giving away these delightful toys at Global … Continue reading

Meet Hop!

We were delighted to hear from Jennifer Smith who told us all about her special bunny, Hop. Here’s some info on Hop…. Hop is an 11 year old bunny who has become part of our family. He is paper trained … Continue reading

Highly Palatable, Extruded Product To Launch At SuperZoo

Supreme Petfoods has chosen SuperZoo as the launch pad for an exciting new range of veterinary recommended products for small furries. “Small herbivores need fiber to maintain healthy lifestyles.” says Nick Thomas, Director of Product Development at Supreme Petfoods. Their … Continue reading

Keep Your Bunnies Cool This Summer

This exceptionally hot summer can do more than wither your plants. Heatstroke in rabbits can be fatal, so it is essential to keep your furry friends cool because of the extreme drought. Rabbits cannot sweat or pant to help bring … Continue reading

Helping Hungry Hearts Find Homes

With their velvety ears, soft footfalls, and big hearts, what isn’t to love about small animals? Unfortunately, not all rabbits, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, or mice have a loving home. Our food may fill your small pets’ bellies, but Supreme … Continue reading

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